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Property sellers want to sell their properties, fast.
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Our web-based connection tool offers sellers the opportunity to receive phone calls or emails from multiple estate agents of their choice.

The rest is up to you.

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Why EA?


Targeted Requests

Receive property-seller leads from specific areas.


Save Time

No more cold-calling. Get connected with sellers daily.


Proven Results

Quality connections that successfully grow business.


Long Term Partnerships

Continued growth prospects with performance-based payment models.


POPIA Compliant

Become a trusted and respected estate agent in the property market.

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Our technology solution is an enabler, see why...

  • We successfully navigate the latest digital marketing channels and mediums to collate new sellers online

  • Connection requests are sent to you in real-time, meaning immediately

  • Our technology solution locates new Sellers wanting to Connect quickly and conveniently

  • Choose how to receive Connections via SMS, e-mail or both. No fancy integration costs or requirements

  • Our Connections are POPI compliant. Our Sellers are waiting to hear from you

  • Our platform is fully automated and highly functional making your job to stay in control easy and effective

  • Improved targeting like never before. Build the ideal sales pipeline and pause at any time

  • Your profile, your targeting, your information is secure can be changed and refined 24/7 and 365

  • Lift and lower your production when needed. Your changes are implemented immediately and you stay in control, always

About EA Connections

EA Connections is a proudly South African business whose sole purpose is to bridge the gap between potential residential property sellers and estate agents with an innovative platform that gives estate agents the opportunity to instantly connect with new, area-specific homeowners who are ready to sell.
Feeling understaffed or overworked? A lack of time and resources can hinder the progress of your property-selling business and result in a decrease in sales. One missed call or appointment can make or break your monthly sales quota. With such tight margins, why leave it to chance? Estate agents are always on the lookout for new ways to find leads, some of which are more effective than others. EA Connections offer a service that directly combats out-of-date methods, such as cold-calling, with a platform that generates fresh seller leads and connects them with reliable estate agents, like you, in their area to help them sell their homes. Instead of make-or-break ultimatums, you can bring about a change without breaking the bank by adding a new, innovative sales toolkit - one that will give you a serious competitive advantage. Get the leads that best fit your estate agency profile and watch your business grow.

In order to get going, simply register then sign up as a Full Partner. You could be live before lunch.

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